As a freelance collections manager and archivist, I have helped organize and research a variety of different collections. One of the main concerns many collectors have is storing and recording a collection properly. As a conservation technician, registrar, and archivist, I have learned the most up-to-date industry standards for housing, shipping, and handling works of art.


I have also developed systems to record, track, and manage large quantities of work. While working with both artists and private collectors, I have helped create databases that track show history, location, dates, and insurance values for hundreds of works of art. Each project begins with an assessment of need and use of the collection. This helps to determine the format, collected information, and depth of research for each database.

For further information about my management process and the collections I have worked on, please feel free to contact me.




While working with artists and writers I have managed a number of creative projects with extended deadlines and checkpoints. These projects always generate different needs and requirements. I have generated timelines and schedules, suggested materials and sourced items for production, problem solved when technical issues have arisen, and managed the day to day realities of the creative process.

As a researcher I have developed relationships with archives, delved into source material, and provided feedback and notes on many projects.